In a world where we have an abundance of food options, it is very important to be mindful of one’s dental health. Despite maintaining a proper dental hygiene, it is quite common for people to come across a dental emergency. Emergency dental care should be a very essential part of our lives, to ensure a healthy set of gums and to stay clear of any kind of infection.

Emergency Dentistry during COVID-19

In recent times, the state of affairs globally has been rather glum. With health emergencies consistently on the rise, urgent dental care should not be a concern. We, at Gill Family Dentistry are mindful of the fact, and hence we are here to rid you of your dental pain and provide you with affordable dental emergency care in Modesto. With proper PPE kit, and systemized patient management system, we follow all the guidelines set to ensure complete dental care without the risk of any infections. We urge all our patients to call us to book appointments before visiting us.

Emergency Dental Clinic at Modesto

With years of experience and vintage in handling all kinds of dental problems, Gill Family Dentistry is regarded as one of the best emergency dental clinic in Modesto. Our doctor duo of Mr and Mrs Gill have had a reputation of comforting the patients and addressing their dental pain, at the same time. We provide comprehensive dental treatment plans to ensure that you are free from any kind of dental pain and regain your smile back.

Affordable Emergency Dental Care @ $29

We, at Gill Family Dentistry believe in proper dental care above all. Hence, we offer a special for emergency dentistry at merely $29. Dr Gill will carry out a thorough examination of your dental health and suggest X-rays wherever they may be necessary. Post the examination, we would chart out a detailed treatment plan customized for you, that will help you get back to your optimal dental health. We are one of the most preferred dental office in Modesto for ensuring that all of our patients are treated with utmost care and they gain their confidence to smile again, pain-free.

How do I book an appointment?

Owing to the current crisis, we urge all of our patients to call us before visiting the office. This precautionary measure is taken, keeping your safety as a priority. Please call us to book an appointment. Our office will try to slot you in at the earliest available time, to ensure that we tend to your dental emergency and rid you of it. You can reach our office at (209) 809 0123 for booking your appointments. Our emergency dental services cover all the necessary aspects to ensure a proper diagnosis of the cause. We offer payment plans to our patients who decide to carry out the complete treatment process, to ensure that your dental hygiene is at its best. If you are on the lookout for a dentist in Modesto, who could offer you quality care in emergency dentistry, Gill Family Dentistry is your answer.