Dental Implants: What you need to know

Nowadays, tooth loss has become common among people mostly because of tooth decay, injury or periodontal diseases. Losing teeth is a horrifying experience and we want them to recover as soon as possible. Decades ago, the only alternative available for tooth replacement were bridges and dentures. But, today due to the advancement in dentistry, we are lucky to have the option of dental implants.

What do you mean by Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into your jawbone to hold the replacement tooth or bridge. This is one of the best tooth replacement options. There are two types of dental implants:

Endosteal (in the bone) – One of the most common types of implant used is this one. These are placed into the jawbone surgically. Each implant holds one or more prosthetic teeth. This goes the best alternative for patients who have bridges or dentures.

Subperiosteal (on the bone) – These types of implants are placed on the jawbone at its top with the help of metal framework’s posts. These are best for those who are not able to wear conventional dentures.

Who can get dental implants done?

A patient who has good general and oral health is an ideal candidate for implants. Your jaw must have adequate bone to support the implant and the best candidate is the one who has healthy gum tissues which are not affected by periodontal diseases. Above all, your dentist and periodontist will tell you what you need and will make your teeth feel good and natural.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are several benefits attached to dental implants including:

Improved appearance – Dental implants appear and gives a feeling like your own teeth. They are designed as such that it fuses with the bone and thus it becomes permanent.

Improved SpeechDentures have poor fitting due to which the teeth in your mouth can slip and make you mumble or slur while speaking. With implants, you can speak without any worries of teeth slipping.

ComfortableAs implants are permanent, they become a part of you and the discomfort faced due to removable dentures are removed.

Easy to eatChewing becomes difficult with sliding dentures. Implants have the functioning of your own teeth, which allows you to eat without any discomfort and great confidence.

Improved self-esteemImplants return your teeth and allows you to smile without any hesitation, thus restoring your confidence.

Improved Oral healthThrough dental implants, other teeth are not reduced as in the case of bridges. As your nearby teeth are not affected to support the implant, they remain intact and hence long term oral health is improved. Individual implants provide easier accessibility between teeth, which improves oral hygiene.

DurableImplants provide great durability and last for many years. If you provide proper care, it may even last for a lifetime.

ConvenientThrough implants, you can eliminate the embarrassment and inconvenience of removing dentures. 

What is the process of getting dental implants?

The first step to get a dental implant is a treatment plan will be developed by your oral surgeon according to your specific needs and find out which option is ideal for you. The process begins with the placing of the tooth root implant in the bone socket of your missing teeth. Now the jawbone starts healing and secures the implant posts. After the healing process, an abutment is attached to the post for safe holding of the new teeth. Finally, the replacement teeth or crown is attached to the abutment. 

Are implants painful?

There is only a feeling of little discomfort with getting dental implants. During the process, a local anesthetic is used and many of the patients have said that implants are less painful than extraction. 

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