Flaunt a beautiful smile with dentures in Modesto

The experts at Gill Family Dentistry are committed to helping our patients with any dental issue that they have. And that includes the reconstruction of one’s mouth through modern dentures in Modesto. Our highly experienced professionals will use their skills and knowledge of dentures to:

  • Help you enjoy your favorite dishes again. 
  • Grant you the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted. 
  • Improve your appearance by making you look younger and more attractive. 
  • Boost your confidence in important situations of your life. 
  • Improve your speech. 
  • Help you maintain good oral health throughout your life.


Fall in love with your smile with our options for dentures in Modesto

When you lose one or more teeth, the simplest of tasks such as smiling, speaking clearly, and eating properly becomes very difficult. In such a situation, what you need is a restoration option to go back to your usual self and our custom-fit dentures in Modesto help you achieve exactly that. At Gill Family Dentistry, you may choose any of the following three options:

Implant-retained dentures – The dentures are secured to the implants that are carefully placed in your jawbone. This helps the dentures to stay in place and offer a comfortable, secure fit. However, they can be removed for cleaning every day. Besides, the dental implants help in the prevention of jawbone deterioration that is a common occurrence after tooth loss. 

Implant-supported dentures – They are similar to implant-retained dentures. However, in this case, dentures are attached to a bar that is secured to the implants. As a result, the pressure arising from biting and chewing functions is transferred to your jawbone instead of your gums. This is the most comfortable and secure option out of the three. Also, the jawbone remains healthier due to the implants. 

Traditional dentures – These dentures are mounted on a polymer base, which makes them appear like natural teeth. These new dentures will offer you a comfortable experience and give you back your lost smile. Based on your requirements, you may opt for either full dentures for all your teeth or partial dentures in case there are some healthy teeth left. 

Make your dentures last long

You must brush your dentures regularly, like your teeth to remove food debris and prevent plaque. This will also protect your teeth from staining. 

  • Before brushing, rinse your dentures to remove loose particles. 
  • To brush the dentures, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a non-abrasive cleaner. 
  • While you’re at it, you must also clean your mouth thoroughly to avoid oral irritation and bad breath. 
  • Place your dentures in a safe place covered with water when not wearing them. 
  • If you use adhesives, use them exactly as directed by the dentist. 
  • When handling dentures, stand over a folded towel or a sink full of water to avoid breakage if accidentally dropped. 
  • See a dentist right away if your dentures crack, chip, break, or become loose. 

If you do all these things diligently, your dentures may last a minimum of 5 years. 

Enjoy the fascinating benefit of dentures

Dentures are an amazing way of restoring a person’s beautiful smile. But, that’s not the only benefit that dentures offer. 

  • Dentures fill in the empty space created by your missing teeth and grant you a pearly white smile that boosts your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Dentures make your life much easier by allowing you to speak properly, chew normally, and enjoy your favourite dishes without worry. 
  • Dentures are an extremely affordable way of regaining your attractive smile. 
  • When taken care of exceptionally, dentures can last up to ten years. 
  • Dentures offer protection to the remaining teeth from extensive wear and tear. 
  • Dentures improve your oral health by preventing bacteria from breeding in the space created by your missing teeth and causing cavities, gum diseases, and tooth decay. 

Call us today at (209) 549 – 1721 to know more about dentures and to schedule an appointment. We, at Gill Family Dentistry, would love to get you back to enjoying your life and your smile. Visit us at our dental office in Modesto to take the first step towards getting back your beautiful smile.