Dental Crowns

Find your lost confidence with dental crowns in Modesto

Dental crowns are fixed, prosthetic, custom-made restorations that are used to restore a tooth that has been damaged, cracked, or decayed due to infection, cavity, injury, etc and increase its strength and enhance its performance. Dental crowns replace the “crown” part of a natural tooth while fully encasing its damaged portion. At Gill Family Dentistry, we usually make porcelain dental crowns for that natural appearance. 

The possible needs of dental crowns

At Gill Family Dentistry, our qualified dentist will suggest you get dental crowns in Modesto in the following scenarios:

  • Huge cavities that cannot be filled and sealed
  • The necessity of a bridge to replace missing teeth
  • Coverage for dental implants
  • Teeth that have been cracked, worn down, or weakened
  • Restoration following a root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic corrections like restoring discoloured or poorly shaped teeth
  • Support for teeth having large fillings

A dental crown may be used on baby teeth of children to:

  • Save a severely decayed tooth that cannot support a filling
  • Protect a tooth that has high chances of being decayed, especially when proper dental hygiene is questionable
  • Decrease a child’s frequency of getting anaesthetized

The dental crown procedure

Majority of our procedures for installing dental crowns in Modesto take place at the initial appointment. The tooth is first numbed and shaped where some of it is trimmed away for the dental crown to slip on top of it easily. How much of the tooth structure needs to be trimmed is determined by the patient’s scenario and the type of dental crown to be installed. Dental cement is also used for the dental crown to be ultimately held in place. 

Once the tooth is properly shaped, its impression is taken to make the perfect dental crown that fits superbly. We take an impression of your bite as well to allow for proper biting and chewing once the dental crown is placed. Before installing the dental crown, a colour match is also made to ensure that it has a natural appearance. Then it takes about two weeks for the dental crown to be ready. Till then, a temporary crown will be placed on your teeth. 

Once the dental crown is ready, the temporary crown is removed and the tooth is anaesthetized. The crown is then placed on the tooth to check the fit and appearance. This may be done a few times to ensure an ideal fit. 

Once the ideal fit is found out, the dental crown will be permanently fixed on the tooth. The patient will have to bite down on a cotton gauge or sponge until the cement is set properly. Finally, the excess cement will be scraped from around the tooth. 

Oral care tips for dental crowns

While dental crowns may last a lifetime, they do fall out or become loose in some cases. The best and most important thing you can do to make sure that your dental crown lasts a long time is to maintain good oral care and hygiene. 

  • You must keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy by brushing them with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and flossing at least once daily. 
  • While flossing to clean between your teeth, try to slide out the dental floss rather than lifting it out to avoid pulling out the crown. 
  • You must maintain regular visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and checkups. 
  • You must avoid chewing or biting down on hard or sticky foods (like chewing gum, caramel, raw vegetables, etc.), ice, and other hard objects to protect your dental crown from any damage or breakage. 

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