Dental Crowns: Understanding the placement of dental crowns

Our smile is the first thing that people notices about us. Therefore, anyone will want to have a beautiful smile. Dental crowns are a cosmetic dental procedure which is used often to protect weakened from getting any further damage. Without the protection of a dental crown, a cracked or broken tooth can break even further.

As a cosmetic surgery, it is used to hide discoloured and misshapen teeth. Placement of dental crown involves more than one professional. An oral surgeon places the crowns and prosthodontics makes crowns.

Who can get dental crowns?

Before getting the treatment of dental treatment one needs to understand who is the suitable one to get the treatment. If you have any periodontal disease it is not recommended for you. If you are currently going through any kind of radiation therapies that occurs around the head or neck region, you are not recommended to get dental crowns. You must get a full dental examination before the placement of dental crowns.

Dental crowns help in covering the tooth down to the gum. These crowns are in the shape of teeth and are created to match your teeth colour to get a more natural look. This procedure lasts for at least 7 years, but as time passes it starts to recede so you can get it renewed. Therefore, dental crown placements can get expensive.

Before you receive the treatment, your dentist prepares your teeth. If you have badly injured teeth, the dentist may recommend a root canal before the placements of crowns. After your crown placement, you should not feel any discomfort or any kind of pain.

If you require crown placement, at Gill Family Dentistry we provide you with the exceptional treatment of dental crowns. Schedule your appointment today and get your teeth fixed.

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