Providing Emergency Dental Care to Thousands of Patients!

You never know when a dental emergency can strike you. You may be out partying with your friends or having a fun time with your kids when a dental problem arises to shock you to your nerves. Emergency dental services can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Dental Emergencies can be of various kinds, and its impact differs from people of different age groups.

At Gill Family Dentistry, we are ready to serve you in your hour of need – whether you’re an existing patient or a new one. We are open and happy to serve you six days a week. Gill Family Dentistry is committed to offering the very best emergency dental care in Modesto, CA, whenever you need it. We urge you to contact our dental helpline immediately if you are on the lookout for a low cost dental emergency.

Why are Emergency Dental Services Important

Immediate dental care, when needed, is fundamental to preserving your natural teeth and their functions while eliminating the risk of severe dental conditions that can have long term consequences at the same time. Dr. Gill, being a specialized emergency dentist can help to alleviate the pain so you can continue with your life without any discomfort. It is also a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to traditional emergency rooms, which can charge an unreasonable amount of money for minimal services.

Different types of services offered in Emergency Dental Clinic

Some very obvious signs of the need for emergency dentistry include mouth, jaw, and neck pain. Pain is the most common indicator of something that is wrong. Hence, if you are going through any pain which you deem to be related to any kind of dental issue, then do not hesitate to contact our team immediately. Below is a list of problems that require emergency dentistry and what you can do to minimize the pain till you receive professional care if you are experiencing any of them.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

On occasions where you are suffering from extreme dental pain, due to tooth that are decayed or in conditions where they are beyond the point of being repaired, it is essential to carry out emergency tooth extraction.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal :

Wisdom Tooth, by definition is the third molar that mostly gets stuck in your gums, and can end up causing tremendous amount of pain. This is common in most teenagers or people in their early twenties. There are occasions were due to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, emergency wisdom tooth extraction becomes very essential.

Orthodontic Emergencies :

These kinds of emergencies occur when there is a severe injury in the mouth or there is a swelling in the mouth. They could cause excruciating dental pain and might require orthodontic emergency services.

Emergency Denture Replacement :

Dentures can be tricky if they are damaged, and they can cause immense pain. The types of damages that may occur with dentures are when the base of the denture is broken or when there are denture relines. These situations may require immediate emergency denture repairs.

Pediatric Emergency :

Dental Pain in kids could be very difficult to handle. In such cases, it is very critical to choose an emergency pediatric dentist who has the expertise in handling pediatric dentistry.

Gill Family Dentistry in Modesto provides you with complete emergency dental care. Reach out to us through our emergency dental helpline (209) 549 1721 and rid yourself of all dental problems.