How to keep your teeth healthy during Covid

Checklist to visit a Dentist during Coronavirus

Over the last four months, our earth, in its entirety has been consumed with an outrageous pandemic called Coronavirus. Coronavirus Diseases 2019 or COVID-19 has affected the United States, worse than any other country in this world. As an immediate and necessary precaution, we have had to make major adjustments to our lifestyles and conduct around people. Here’s a checklist that one should keep in mind, before visiting a dentist during these difficult times.

  1. Verify if the dentist is open during Coronavirus:

    At a time when we are well advised to stay home to ensure safety from infection, it is recommended that you reach out to the dental offices around you and verify if they are taking new patients. Confirming an appointment beforehand and following the precautionary measures implemented by the dental office can be your best bet to stay safe

  2. Comprehensive PPE Kit:

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit is now a mandate at all dental offices to prioritize the safety of patients visiting for dental emergencies. Hence, it could be in your best interest to confirm if the dental office you are looking to book an appointment is compliant with a PPE kit in their office.

  3. Infection Control Measures:

    In addition to providing PPE kit, it is also essential that the dentist has made all necessary arrangements for infection control. By promoting social distancing and use of disinfectants and sanitizers, one should avail all measures that could help in infection control.

  4. Orderly Management of Patients:

    Another critical aspect to bear in mind is to get an understanding of how the patients are managed in a particular office. A sudden surge of patients within a confined space of a dental office is strictly against the norms of social distancing. At Gill Family Dentistry, we take additional precautions to ensure that our patient management system is compliant to the norms of social distancing and hassle-free for our patients.

    Considered to be one among the best dentist in Modesto, we ensure that all the guidelines to prevent the spread of infection are adhered to. Our office encourages the patients to call in advance and book their appointments. Our trained staff then guide the patients with the process of visiting our office for their appointment. We urge our patients to reach outside the office and wait inside their cars before we could bring them in. This measure is taken to avoid a crowd in the waiting area. We offer gloves and masks to patients who do not carry these essentials with them. Once the office is ready for them, we invite the patients in for their consultation or procedure.

    Complaint to all the norms set by the government,  Gill Family Dentistry in Modesto is one of the rare dentist open during coronavirus. We are open to accepting patients with dental emergencies or any other treatments, including dental implants and cleaning services. Call our office to book an appointment, and follow the guidelines explained by our staff.

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