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Oral health is as important to us as general health. A healthy mouth is a valuable asset for us. Teeth play an essential part in our life. They help us in chewing, speaking and also give a proper shape to our face. So, maintaining oral health is vital. To maintain good dental hygiene, you must adequately your teeth daily along with regular visits to a dental professional. 

If you or your family members are having issues with your oral health and you have been ignoring this all of the years with the fear that the treatment is going to be too costly, then take a sense of relief. Gill Family Dentistry is here to help you out. 

Gill Family Dentistry wants to ensure that each one of us deserves to get the dental care they need. For this, we are proudly offering world-class quality services at an affordable price which is $59 New Patient Special. At this special price, patients can get the best services available. 

New Patient Special includes

Dental Cleaning

For better oral health, a dental cleaning is essential. A thorough, gentle cleaning will cut the more significant issues at their source itself and you will be at peace of mind that your oral health is getting complete care.

Comprehensive exam

Our professional dentist will perform a comprehensive test and will provide detailed information about your oral health to our dental team so that we make sure you get long term care.


Our dental office makes use of advanced digital x-rays to reduce radiation and ensuring that we have the proper information for your further treatment. 

Expectations to be kept

Gill Family Dentistry is known for its family practice as our team of doctors are itself a husband and wife. We welcome new patients and try to provide comprehensive dental care as we would offer to our family members. Visiting a dentist for the first time is difficult. We are

 filled with anxiety and embarrassment. You don’t have to worry about these issues because we have a friendly team of skilled professionals who will provide you with quality services according to your best needs.

At your first visit, the dentist may make an assessment of your oral health, take a full series of x-rays of your mouth, understand the chances of getting gum diseases, make an evaluation of your teeth whether you can get cavities or other problems and then make a treatment plan accordingly. 

Stuff to be carried 

If you want to make your visit convenient and straightforward, you must carry your dental x-rays taken by your proceeding dentist within 6 months. You must also carry your previous medical history or any other medications if you are taking. Any dental insurance if you have must also be brought with necessary documents.  If you have a child who is below 18 years of age, you must be present with the patient at the time of their first visit. 

If you don’t have dental insurance, you must not be worried because Gill Family Dentistry provides you with affordable dental coverage plan for your best smiles. We are here to provide you with a total dental solution and new patient special offer is for those who are still at their houses afraid of getting costly treatment for their issues. Only at $59, you get dental cleanings, comprehensive exams along with dental x-rays. No one should have the feeling that improvement in their smiles would come at a high cost. 

Call us today (209) 549 -1721 and schedule your appointment with us to get the amazing services at affordable price. You can make a discussion with us about your problems and we will help you overcome your dental issues. A startling and healthy smile is waving at you. Book your appointment today and get the best of your smiles and confidence